Blair Marketing 35th anniversary banner

Mega Milestone

Amazingly, this year marks Blair Marketing’s 35th year of service. We’re commemorating this achievement with an anniversary logo that hearkens back to that glamorous, techno-pop era of our founding…when hair was big, ties were wide, and the most stylish shoulders were padded. In 1984, Bob Blair and his wife, Sandy, started Blair Communications in his home....

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Advertising excellence award

We love it when clients get kudos.

One of our primary jobs is to help our clients look good—and it’s nice when a client’s efforts are recognized in their field. Bull Moose Tube, a client based in the St. Louis area, is a leading manufacturer of steel tubing for architectural and mechanical applications. Recently, Bull Moose earned an Advertising Excellence Award for their...

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Dominion of Bedford Kid Safety Day graphic

Helping a Client Appreciate Their Customers

Usually we're assisting Dominion of Bedford (Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram) with standard dealership and vehicle promotions. But this month, the management and staff at Dominion are planning a Customer Appreciation Day with a child-safety theme on June 30th that's more about serving the community than selling cars. The event organizers at Dominion have planned a fun day...

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Blair Marketing with Bernhardt Furniture

80,000 square feet of inspiration…

This week, part of the Blair team was privileged to visit the High Point Furniture Market to view the latest releases from our client, Bernhardt Furniture. (If you’ve never been to the Furniture Market, it’s a trade show like no other, with 2,000 exhibitors filling 180 buildings!) Bernhardt’s space filled more than 80,000 square...

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ERMI brochure

Helping a Client Keep Florida Healthy

Here in Lynchburg, our City is fortunate to be able to draw water from the Pedlar Reservoir and the James River. But in Florida, nearly all of the drinking water for the entire state comes from groundwater supplies—which makes guarding those groundwater sources an essential task. One of our Florida clients, Environmental Risk Management,...

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Second Summit Photo

A View from The Summit: “Mobile” Isn’t.

When the cell phone finally collided with web & video technology, shockwaves from that collision shook every area of life and commerce. Think about everything that’s been reshaped by the smartphone—shopping, TV viewing, dating and relationships, cultural norms and customs, the photo and video industries, politics, law enforcement...and, of course, marketing. There are still...

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IS FB Post

Climbing the Summit

You can get out of breath pretty quickly trying to keep up with the marketing field. To help Blair Marketing stay in shape, Kip Smith attended the Internet Summit in North Carolina this week. The event spotlights the latest developments in the digital marketing sphere. (Which would include SEO, SEM, VR, AR, AI, and...

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Switching Shells

Like the hermit crabs who swap shells as they grow, Blair Marketing has finally finished crawling into our new (and much larger) shell on Thomson Drive. When we moved to our previous location almost 25 years ago, photography was still on film, our archives were 3-ring binders, and the Internet was dial-up (and charged...

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RP Paving Solutions Sample

Paving the Way to Sales

Retailers have lots of opportunities to offer gifts with purchase and other promotional bundles to boost sales.  But what can a paving contractor offer to potential customers? Line marking, of course. This month, we helped one of the leading paving contractors in the Atlanta market craft a direct-mail message targeting prospects throughout their region....

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