A View from The Summit: “Mobile” Isn’t.

Second Summit Photo

When the cell phone finally collided with web & video technology, shockwaves from that collision shook every area of life and commerce.

Think about everything that’s been reshaped by the smartphone—shopping, TV viewing, dating and relationships, cultural norms and customs, the photo and video industries, politics, law enforcement...and, of course, marketing.

There are still some marketing strategies floating around that approach mobile as an outside-the-home proposition for consumers. But the current reality is that “mobile” isn’t necessarily mobile anymore; the smartphone screen is just as likely to be used on the couch as on the commute.

As marketers, it’s worth being reminded of some present patterns as we strategize campaigns (these derived from the recent Internet Summit):

• People unlock their phones an average of 120 times a day.

• Multiple studies suggest that 90% of consumers now interact with their mobile devices while watching TV at home.

• 75% of online content consumption will be mobile in 2018

• More than 20% of searches are now conducted by voice via smartphones.

• 88% of consumers who mobile search a local business call or visit business within 24 hours.

Realities like these have also had a dismal impact (IMHO) on the aesthetics of websites. Endless scrolling (once a no-no of web design) is rapidly becoming the standard web interface, leaving mobile users obsessively pawing at their screens like cats on a fishbowl.

But, like ‘em or not, those are the facts as they stand today.

Let us know if we can be of any assistance to you in marketing to customers who are constantly mobile...even when they’re sitting still.