Switching Shells

Like the hermit crabs who swap shells as they grow, Blair Marketing has finally finished crawling into our new (and much larger) shell on Thomson Drive.

When we moved to our previous location almost 25 years ago, photography was still on film, our archives were 3-ring binders, and the Internet was dial-up (and charged by the hour).We frequently needed room for tasks that we fondly called “arts & crafts,” such as collating documents, and mounting presentations on matte board.

But here in our new location, the extra space largely relates to quality of life for our team. Everyone has his/her own office for a more focused, tranquil work environment—plus we also have common areas for collaboration, and even some studio space. (The deck overlooking Blackwater Creek ain’t bad, either.)

From a sentimental standpoint, it’s a time of reflection and nostalgia for the good ol’ days. But from a practical standpoint, the move to our new shell leaves us effectively poised for our next era of growth.

Come & see us sometime.