The birth of a brand…and a whole new market category.

Guard Health Packaging Display

We’ve always been energized by the opportunities clients have given us to craft a new brand — or to freshen up an existing brand. But recently we’ve had the chance to help usher into the world a whole new type of product.

Guard Health™ is the planet’s only no-rinse, “on-the-go” mouth guard sanitizing spray that actually kills 99.9% of the nastiest mouth guard bacteria in just 60 seconds.

As we’ve worked throughout all the product development stages with the team of TN-based Soluria, we’ve learned just how much trouble mouth guard bacteria can cause. (It’s been traced to conditions ranging from Staph & Strep infections to MRSA and even exercise-induced asthma.)

In addition to collaborating on the packaging, messaging, and overall branding approach, we also were privileged to work with some outstanding packaging engineers in the development of a unique, pegboard-mounted corrugated display.

Guard Health rolls out this week in almost 250 stores of the Academy Sports + Outdoors chain, so if you know anyone who lives in the southeast, tell ‘em to run into Academy and pick up a bottle.

They’ll truly be the “first on their block” to be able to sanitize devices going into their mouths with a product that’s just as convenient as hand sanitizers.