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While today’s content management systems will provide you with a great tool for your website out of the box, you may need custom programming for your website. Whether it’s building custom applications or hooking into an existing content management system, Blair can help you put the functions you desire online for your customers.

Blair Marketing has been developing websites, including custom sites for over 20 years and has experience in all phases of development including functional requirements, software selection, testing, custom graphics, and content development.

A custom site may be right for you if you want a really fast user experience without a lot of overhead, or a proprietary system that can’t be found elsewhere. Need a simple order form tied into a PayPal account, or an online calendar of events at a unique URL? There are so many opportunities for small, light, custom web apps that just get the job done!


The Blair team uses both in-house and specialized external resources to coordinate, design, and program custom websites to meet your business goals. Typical custom solutions will vary in time to deliver (TDL), depending on what features your app needs.

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