Social Media Management

Assessments & Analytics

We’ll look into the channels you’re using (or intending to use), help you understand the conversations taking place within each—and give you options for change, improvement, and achievement. One driver of Social Media’s growth in the marketing field has been its measurability. We’ll help you harness the valuable metrics of social media analytics.


Channel Operations and Campaign Management

If social media is more than you can handle internally, we’ll collaborate with you and take care of whatever you delegate to us—in a way that’s consistent with your marketing and messaging goals.

We can coordinate the placement and tracking of your paid campaigns, assist in the timely deployment of content, identify appropriate hashtags, or tend to any other tasks demanded by a robust social media program. 


We’re ready to create posts, tweets, photos, videos on your behalf that are geared to your messaging and branding priorities. Or if you prefer, we can guide you in the development of your own content for each of your social media channels.

We can also help you map out an organized, long-term plan for content…so that you and your internal team know what to prepare for, week-by- week, month-by- month.

Brand Standards

Maintaining a consistent style, voice, and message across your social media channels is important. We can develop a guide that all participants on your team can refer to in order to maintain an effective, unified social media presence.


Social Listening

Let us serve as your eyes and ears on an ongoing basis to monitor relevant streams of conversations within key channels, and help you join into those dialogues.


We’ll help you determine which course is best suited to your objectives, evaluate paid options, and develop performance indicators that will help you measure your success.

Video, Visuals and Design

We have the artists, designers, and video producers who can help you achieve the right look for your communications.

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