Blair Marketing Logo with Grey Borders and White Background

We were known simply as an ad agency back in 1984. While that term doesn’t quite fit us anymore, we still love doing traditional ads.

Branding is more than a logo, more than company colors. We bring a bigger-picture perspective to our branding work, coupled with strategic planning.

Paper still has its place, even in this digital world, and we’ve been handling design & layout for print projects right from the beginning.

The website is the core communication asset of almost every company and organization. We can build yours with custom coding or a common CMS.

Digital spelled the death of phone books and many newspapers, but opened a bewildering range of new communication options; we’ll help you utilize them.

Video plays an integral part in most electronic outreach: TV, social media, websites, emails—even signage. Let us help you convey a moving message.

You pay a lot to participate in a trade show. It only makes sense to get the most out of the exposure you’ve invested in. Ask us how we can assist.