Technical Documentation

Professional help wherever you need it most. 

A key component of any manufacturer’s branding is its technical documentation. Blair Marketing can help you maintain an image of authority, precision, and user-friendliness in all your support materials. Our goal is to help you by creating clear, easy-to-use and authoritative documentation that will be a respected reference for your customers, reps, and distributors.

For over 25 years, we have helped providers of complex products and services to communicate effectively with sophisticated audiences in technical markets. We welcome the chance to provide an estimate for your next project, and collaborate with your team.

Advertising Agency Team

Complete writing, design, and production of:

  • Technical sales literature (brochures, spec bulletins)

  • Manuals, installation, O&M, programming, quick‑startup

  • Online PDF libraries/ technical website content

  • Technical diagrams/schematics

  • Technical photography

  • 3-D modeling & animation simulations

  • Co-op literature programs with reps & distributors

  • Technical translations

  • Workbooks & operator training course materials

  • Presentation slidedecks and videos

  • Tradeshow displays

  • Full trade-journal support (ads, articles, graphics)