Model Xmas to You

Have you seen the two new Tesla Model X electric cars gliding through Lynchburg's streets? These are just the first of many being brought to town by MoveUP—an organization working to integrate automotive and smartphone-app technology to meet the transportation needs of organizations, businesses and individuals. To introduce the new cars to the community, MoveUP came to Blair marketing to create a short video that would introduce the true holiday style. The client shared a visit

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Non-Viral Marketing

Executive Order 55 this week seems to set the stage for the near future, prolonging Virginia’s sequestration.  Like a recast Groundhog Day, we saw the coronavirus shadow and are crawling back into our dens for 10 more weeks of mandatory hibernation. But Blair Marketing is still here! Part of our team is onsite, and part is working offsite, allowing us to maintain our normal hours and staffing (all with proper spacing and sanitizing, of course).

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Looking Underneath The Surface

From time to time a company becomes so well known in one capacity that the marketplace loses sight of that company’s full range of capabilities. For this project, we wanted to encourage people familiar with the F.L. Showalter brand to look beneath the surface. In recent years, Lynchburg residents recognize F.L. Showalter trucks around water or sewer construction sites. But F.L. Showalter actually has 85 years of diverse credentials that equip the company to handle

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Blair Marketing Christmas Decorations 2019

A Seasonal Surprise

One morning this week, we walked into our office to discover that Christmas had come to 1942 Thomson Drive. Or more specifically, we discovered that one of our elfin team members had secretly snuck in and decked the halls…and the floors…and the ceiling. Beholding this winter wonderland for the first time, I couldn’t help grinning as I wandered through.  The experience reminded me how a bit of whimsical, seasonal décor can enhance the atmosphere of

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New Layout for the GLCF Annual Report, Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation in Lynchburg, Virginia

A Fresh Layout for the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation Annual Report

“It is the responsibility of this organization to work tirelessly to make sure our donors’ money is being granted where it can do the most good.” - William J. Bodine, President & CEO, Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation Each year, the Greater Lynchburg Community Foundation provides its donors and the community with an annual report, detailing their charitable grant activities from the past 12 months. When they entrusted us to redesign this important document, their goal

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Adams Construction Website homepage

Time for a Second Helping

When our clients come back to redesign a website we originally developed, we love the opportunity to take a fresh look at their online content. We first worked with Adams Construction Company in 2012, and they recently contacted us with specific goals in mind for an update to their site. First, the client wanted to refresh the website with a new, more mobile-responsive design, and greater ease of editing. We used their brand to guide the redesign,

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Blair Marketing 35th anniversary banner

Mega Milestone

Amazingly, this year marks Blair Marketing’s 35th year of service. We’re commemorating this achievement with an anniversary logo that hearkens back to that glamorous, techno-pop era of our founding…when hair was big, ties were wide, and the most stylish shoulders were padded. In 1984, Bob Blair and his wife, Sandy, started Blair Communications in his home. He was soon joined by Billy McBratney, and from second-floor offices on Church Street—in a building that a generation before had housed Lynchburg’s

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Advertising excellence award

We love it when clients get kudos.

One of our primary jobs is to help our clients look good—and it’s nice when a client’s efforts are recognized in their field. Bull Moose Tube, a client based in the St. Louis area, is a leading manufacturer of steel tubing for architectural and mechanical applications. Recently, Bull Moose earned an Advertising Excellence Award for their print ads in Informed Infrastructure magazine, based on readership and retention of those ads. Given what a tough audience readers of technical

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Dominion of Bedford Kid Safety Day graphic

Helping a Client Appreciate Their Customers

Usually we're assisting Dominion of Bedford (Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram) with standard dealership and vehicle promotions. But this month, the management and staff at Dominion are planning a Customer Appreciation Day with a child-safety theme on June 30th that's more about serving the community than selling cars. The event organizers at Dominion have planned a fun day when anyone in the community can drop by and enjoy free hot dogs, drinks, chips, and snow cones — plus door

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Guard Health Packaging Display

The birth of a brand…and a whole new market category.

We’ve always been energized by the opportunities clients have given us to craft a new brand — or to freshen up an existing brand. But recently we’ve had the chance to help usher into the world a whole new type of product. Guard Health™ is the planet’s only no-rinse, “on-the-go” mouth guard sanitizing spray that actually kills 99.9% of the nastiest mouth guard bacteria in just 60 seconds. As we’ve worked throughout all the product

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