Model Xmas to You

Have you seen the two new Tesla Model X electric cars gliding through Lynchburg's streets? These are just the first of many being brought to town by MoveUP—an organization working to integrate automotive and smartphone-app technology to meet the transportation needs of organizations, businesses and individuals.

To introduce the new cars to the community, MoveUP came to Blair marketing to create a short video that would introduce the true holiday style.

The client shared a visit for the project that builds upon a concept originally executed by Tesla. But to give this video a Lynchburg flair, this version juxtaposes the extreme technology of the 21st-century Teslas with the familiar environment of a traditional auto shop. (In this case, Babcock's Garage in downtown Lynchburg.)

Add in the extraordinary talents of violinist and conductor Gina DiCarlo, plus the able assistance of Boyd-Pearman Photography in Roanoke, and the result is a piece that we hope you'll find memorable, elegant and a bit whimsical.

See for Yourself