Non-Viral Marketing

Executive Order 55 this week seems to set the stage for the near future, prolonging Virginia’s sequestration.  Like a recast Groundhog Day, we saw the coronavirus shadow and are crawling back into our dens for 10 more weeks of mandatory hibernation.

But Blair Marketing is still here! Part of our team is onsite, and part is working offsite, allowing us to maintain our normal hours and staffing (all with proper spacing and sanitizing, of course).

Thankfully, while some of our clients are dormant, others have regrouped and adapted to the WFH realities—while still others are pursuing new opportunities amidst the current chaos.

So whatever your circumstances, we remain ready to help you get the most of your crucial marketing budget, or assist you with internal communication efforts. (And of course, we can always meet by Zoom or Skype!)

Timely Services:

  • Social Media Management: If your business is still operating in a limited capacity, we can help you communicate those details to your customers on social media.
  • Web Development: We can help implement an online store or add details about your delivery service. 
  • Internet Marketing: You can target areas of opportunity using online ads while your customers are safe at home.
  • Video Production: Screen time is way, way up in homes across the country. We can help you get onto some of those screens!