Time for a Second Helping

Adams Construction Website homepage

When our clients come back to redesign a website we originally developed, we love the opportunity to take a fresh look at their online content. We first worked with Adams Construction Company in 2012, and they recently contacted us with specific goals in mind for an update to their site.

First, the client wanted to refresh the website with a new, more mobile-responsive design, and greater ease of editing. We used their brand to guide the redesign, putting emphasis on strong imagery and showcasing their areas of excellence. On the back end, the client can now update text and images with minimal or no assistance from our team — lowering their website maintenance costs.

The moodboard for our winning design.

Second, the client asked us to enhance their visual storytelling with a portfolio of commercial projects and easily searchable facilities. We organized their projects into a page that displayed their excellent work for prospective, out-of-state customers. Additionally, we sorted all of their facilities and locations into one searchable and responsive map.

Third, the client desired a friendlier Human Resources experience. We reworked the content to fit on a single page that encapsulated all the benefits, forms, and relevant contact information. Now, their employees can hover over each benefit to learn more about their coverage.

This project used the skills of our entire team, from web design and development to graphic design and content optimization. We’re looking forward to helping Adams again someday when the time comes for the next generation of their site!


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