Helping a Client Keep Florida Healthy

Jan 26
Here in Lynchburg, our City is fortunate to be able to draw water from the Pedlar Reservoir and the James River. But in Florida, nearly all of the drinking water for the entire state comes from groundwater supplies—which makes guarding those groundwater sources an essential task. One of our Florida clients, Environmental Risk Management, Inc., works with developers, agencies, businesses and municipalities throughout the state to protect groundwater (and the environment overall) from threats such

A View from The Summit: “Mobile” Isn’t.

Dec 01
When the cell phone finally collided with web & video technology, shockwaves from that collision shook every area of life and commerce. Think about everything that’s been reshaped by the smartphone—shopping, TV viewing, dating and relationships, cultural norms and customs, the photo and video industries, politics, law enforcement...and, of course, marketing. There are still some marketing strategies floating around that approach mobile as an outside-the-home proposition for consumers. But the current reality is that “mobile”

Climbing the Summit

Nov 17
You can get out of breath pretty quickly trying to keep up with the marketing field. To help Blair Marketing stay in shape, Kip Smith attended the Internet Summit in North Carolina this week. The event spotlights the latest developments in the digital marketing sphere. (Which would include SEO, SEM, VR, AR, AI, and all the other letters floating in the alphabet soup of acronyms these days.) Summit sessions carry particular credibility when they’re conducted

Switching Shells

Nov 10
Like the hermit crabs who swap shells as they grow, Blair Marketing has finally finished crawling into our new (and much larger) shell on Thomson Drive. When we moved to our previous location almost 25 years ago, photography was still on film, our archives were 3-ring binders, and the Internet was dial-up (and charged by the hour).We frequently needed room for tasks that we fondly called “arts & crafts,” such as collating documents, and mounting

Paving the Way to Sales

Oct 13
Retailers have lots of opportunities to offer gifts with purchase and other promotional bundles to boost sales.  But what can a paving contractor offer to potential customers? Line marking, of course. This month, we helped one of the leading paving contractors in the Atlanta market craft a direct-mail message targeting prospects throughout their region. Fortunately, no zebras were harmed in the creation of this campaign.

Helping Victims Get Help

Oct 05
We're glad to have been able to help the Lynchburg Office of the Commonwealth's Attorney with the design and development of their new website. We've had a long relationship with OCA and are hopeful their new site will be able to provide even better access to those who are in need. Whether you are the victim of a crime, need information on escaping domestic violence, or have general questions about the legal process, this site is a

Communicating the Complex

Sep 13
A little-known service that we offer here at Blair Marketing is technical documentation. We can help industries of any scale to effectively communicate highly technical information via diagrams, modeling, schematics, and more!   For a complete list of our technical documentation services, see below or visit our website at:

Colors 4 Cancer

Sep 12
While we love all our industrial and institutional clients, we also enjoy a chance to play a part in worthy causes. Last month, we assisted Journey of Hope, a cancer-support program in Eastern NC, with a campaign to promote their September color run. (BTW, we’re also pleased to report that most of our staff is actually fit enough to finish a color run without stopping to rest!)